Chaotic Good/INFP-T

Friends/mutuals can ask me for my discord (I’m not very active though)

- i try to be as friendly as i can manage, if i seem like i’m being snappish it’s absolutely not intended! but please do tell me if i’m making you uncomfortable

- i repeat myself a lot and might make multiple of the same kinds of posts, my memory isn't so great, i'm sorry if that's annoying

- i’m a very shy and anxious person and often struggle with social interaction, especially with strangers, so sometimes i might not reply to things (especially dm’s from people i don’t really know), i’m sorry if i don’t reply to you! i just probably have nothing to say or i’m nervous, it’s nothing personal, i’m sorry if this is inconvenient in any way

- i don’t like engaging in discourse or being dragged into it. if i’ve done something shitty or wrong feel free to dm me so we can talk it out, but otherwise i’ll hardblock people who try to involve me in something that isn’t my business.

- I Doth Participate in kinnie bullshit which i’m sure is obvious, if we’re mutuals and you want to know just ask (none of them are Bad™, just ‘cringey’ and i’m easily embarrassed lol). i don’t take kin stuff very seriously


Main Twitter

Public/Art Twitter


Main tumblr

OC Tumblr

Art tumblr


My main twitter is fine to request for, I accept most follows I only usually reject requests from people I either know IRL or who just seem generally shady/nasty

- OCs, art, writing

- Wonder Over Yonder

- Pokemon

- Bioshock (mostly 1 and 2, not interested in infinite)

- FNaF

- Warrior cats

- The Ancient Magus Bride

- Mystery Skulls Animated

- Cryptids/mythology (especially vampires and satyrs)